Training and Learning in VR

Transform Your Training with BeyondReal:
The Leading Virtual Reality Platform for Engaging and Effective Learning

Core benefits of Training with Beyondreal

Decrease in product development cycles times due to tools:

Unavailable in Video Conferences

Sharing of multiple screens

Uploading and visualization of 3D objects

Collaborative whiteboarding, mind mapping, stickers

Drawing tools, rulers, 3D pens

3rd party (CRM, BI) tool integration

‘Presence Effect’ leading to higher focus and involvement of people in the meeting

Unavailable in Physical Meetings

Saving, and archiving rooms between meetings, incl. documents, and creative work

Digital Twins of offices, meetings, and generated work

Solving for skills training with Virtual Reality

How we use Virtual Reality training modules to engage learners and create a richer corporate training curriculum for our clients.

Beyondreal has the answer when

  • simple video conferencing and the ‘one to many presentation’ style is not enough

  • development and engineering teams sit in multiple locations but have to work on one product or task

  • whiteboarding or collaborative ‘in person’ meetings are needed but costs are too high and time too valuable

  • 3rd party tools (CRM, BI)  have to be shared between participants in a multi layer way

  • physical goods have to been viewed in 3D, at different angles, and in multiple layers

  • The ability of saving/copying of ‘Virtual Work-Rooms’ with all data for


Powerful Features to Deliver Seamless VR Training Sessions

BeyondReal offers a range of features designed to make virtual reality training sessions interactive, engaging, and effective. From collaborative whiteboards and 3D modeling tools to avatar-based learning and secure, branded environments, our platform has everything trainers need to deliver immersive training experiences that stick. Learn more about our key features and how they can transform the way you train your teams.

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