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Our most frequently asked questions can be found here.

Studies suggest that attendee focus and engagement is higher when meeting in virtual reality. Beyond real offers the perfect solution to optimize such interactions, as it empowers remote teams and improves team cohesion by creating a more connected and present environment. Companies can now meet virtually and get the same level of results as an in-person meeting. Get on board and watch your team reach new heights with Beyondreal.

Although Beyondreal is not an event platform, we encourage you to add VR to your events and conferences as a side ZIP activity. Note that limited to current VR headsets capabilities, we do not recommend having more than 20 people in the same space socializing simultaneously.

Absolutely, we can either design a room based on your requirements, or recreate a digital double of an existing location in your company. If you have the 3D files of the locations already (ideally in .fbx or .gltf) the implementation price will be significantly lower. To get the price estimate, please reach out.

We offer three license packages: Freemium, Basic Business Plan and Enterprise Collaboration Plan. 

The packages are presented below: 



Please find further information about the package here

Sign up as a free user: here or

try our NEW WEB Version for free: here

Basic Business Plan


Please find further information about the package here

Sign up for the basic business plan: here or

try our NEW WEB Version for free: here


Enterprise Collaboration Plan

please contact us for a customized enterprise.

Beyondreal is available for multiple different platforms. Pick yours and get Beyondreal for it here.

Beyondreal supports

  • Standalone headsets: Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Pro, Pico 3, Pico 4 Enterprise, HTC Vive 3
  • Tethered headsets: Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, HTC Vive Pro 2, 
  • PC Desktop Windows 

You can download the latest version of Beyondreal from our website:

No, we are a software company and do not provide hardware for your VR projects. However, we can recommend the best VR headsets to purchase or rent. VRExperts is our prefered  distributor. 

Although the platform is made for VR use-case as the main value is immersion and a sense of presence, we do have an advanced desktop version for people joining from Windows.

Yes, unlicensed guests can participate in meeting / workshops created in your Meeting organization.

Here is a comprehensive list of files you can upload to Beyondreal through our web platform.

  • Images:  .jpg .jpeg .png with a maximum resolution of 2260 x 2260 or 5.1 million pixels,
  • Videos: .mpeg .mp4,
  • Documents: .pdf, txt


Beyondreal platform is designed to meet the security, privacy, reliability, and availability standards of the most demanding global enterprise users.

We utilize industry best practices, proprietary data-protection algorithms, and acclaimed 3rd party solutions for authentication, networking, and data storage to keep your collaboration secure.

We provide cloud- or on-premises- security options on request. You may host collaboration assets in an industry-standard cloud or within your infrastructure, following your own security standards.

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