Property Management

Extend Your Physical Space with Digital Precision

Increase Sales and Customer insights
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Harness digital twins to enhance customer engagement, driving both sales and deeper insights

Decrease travel time and costs
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With virtual replicas, minimize on-site visits, cutting down on travel time and associated costs

Cut project time
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Accelerate project timelines by simulating and optimizing processes within the digital twin environment

We build your Digital Twin

We specialize in creating immersive Digital Twins for any environment – from homes and offices to galleries and stores. Boost your organization’s reach, foster collaboration, save resources, and reduce your carbon footprint.

With Beyondreal, every space becomes an interactive experience.

A significant edge in the upcoming years

Digital Twins are emerging as cornerstones in contemporary property oversight. Forecasts indicate that, by 2025, about 88% of IoT platforms will embed digital twin features. With the rising trend of intelligent structures, it’s crucial for businesses to adopt and weave in digital twin technology.


Vitual Replica 1:1

A precise mirror of your real-world setup, replicated in a 1:1 ratio, what we call the “digital twin”


Limitless Extensions

We can even extend your current location with a fantasy extension, making your digital space as boundless as your imagination


Visionary Digital Builds

Beyond recreating your existing environment, we can also construct entirely unique digital spaces tailored for special events, product launches, or any vision you wish to bring to life

Use Cases

Discover the transformative power of Digital Twins across diverse use cases.

Branded Training and On-Boarding

For businesses, a digital replica of their physical premises can be used to train employees, helping them familiarize themselves with the layout, machinery, or any protocols before they start.

Product Development

Teams can collaborate more effectively in a shared digital space, experimenting with different layouts or settings before implementing changes in the physical world.

Launch and Customer Testing

Debut products or services in virtual spaces, gathering authentic customer feedback.

Spatial Branded Rooms

Digital twins provide a complete, 3D representation of a physical space, allowing stakeholders to get a comprehensive view of an environment without being physically present. This is especially useful for remote teams or clients.

Museums and Galleries

Digital twins of galleries and museums offer virtual art appreciation and historical exploration.


By extending physical locations digitally, businesses can simulate expansions or modifications to their existing spaces without incurring the actual costs and risks associated with real-world modifications.

Why choose BeyondReal?

Integration of your favorite tools

Seamlessly combine and utilize your go-to applications with our platform for an optimized experience

Immersive 3D virtual venues

Dive into lifelike environments tailored to your needs or choose from our diverse collection of pre-designed virtual spaces

Event setup, managing and hosting

Simplify your event's lifecycle from its creation, through management, to hosting, all in one place

Analytics and lead management

Gain valuable insights and effectively manage your potential clients with our comprehensive analytics and lead tools


Represent your brand: Custom 3D offers exciting ways for branding, content presentation, and education.

Help your attendees connect: Allocating users within 3D space boosts networking and analytics capabilities.

Get your story across: Strategically place content within the 3D space to ensure it's seen at the right moment.

Use BeyondReal to your AND your Audience’s Advantage

Turn your online meetings and events into an engaging experience

  • Walk around the venue, join sessions, and interact with other attendees.
  • Spontaneous and pre-arranged networking: Randomly bump into attendees or use match-making tools.

Features Highlight:

Team up without the chaos

  • Engagement: Increase attendance and retention.

  • Branding: Build awareness & product knowledge.

  • Networking: Foster connections and information exchange.

  • Advertising: Unique advertising and sponsor placement.

  • Leads: Generate leads & drive engagement.

Ready for your Digital Twin with beyondreal?

Immersive Work Environments – for you and your Team