About Beyondreal

Beyondreal is a VR (virtual reality) platform that provides immersive and interactive 3D solutions for various industries.
The company provides VR solutions for remote work, training, product visualization, and architectural visualization. BeyondReal’s platform allows users to work together in a virtual environment, collaborate in real-time, share files and use hand gestures to interact with the virtual environment. It also provides the ability to customize the virtual environment according to the needs of the users.

BeyondReal aims to provide an immersive and realistic experience that can improve productivity and communication for remote teams

Our Mission

Our mission is to disrupt the status quo of an industry based on, video calls and stand alone tools: Via integrating with current software & building our own, taking advantage of new communication choices, while moving to a Web3 oriented framework in an evolutionary way.

We believe in immersive technologies, and that 3D, VR, and AR, will become the new medium for communication, and will fundamentally enhance how people share information.

Our Team

Together, we are almost 20 strong (and growing) representing a wide set of skills sets, backgrounds, languages and nationalities. 

Our technology team, sitting next to a beach in Montenegro, come from programming, design, and engineering backgrounds, and are responsible for our stunning, easy to use technology and beautiful locations.

Our management team, came from mostly corporate  (Oracle, VMware, Microsoft, VEEAM backgrounds know how to scale new businesses, while understanding customer needs… and now are happily using those skills to build new companies based on new technologies.

Our Sister Company

And to add some more diversity:  We are also part of our sister company ANASAEA (www.anasaea.com), so we have a strong team with knowledge in Art, Curation, Architecture, and marketing.  

Ready to get into VR remote work with beyondreal?