Immersive Office Spaces - for your Meetings and Events

Choose different settings for your meetings with clients, your team or partners.

Experience what’s yet to come

Get transported to new work worlds through Virtual Reality

BeyondReal is a virtual platform where people can interact with digital objects without having to be in a specific physical space.

Make your meetings more productive

Create natural networking opportunities, interactive webinars and engaging activities.

Get transported to new worlds through VR

Remove the need for travel and tap into a global network of attendees with a BeyondReal virtual event.

Be there in a blink

Be there. Experience it all in 360 °

BeyondReal provides you, your partners, sponsors and attendees the ultimate platform to host webinars, network, share ideas and spark interesting discussions with likeminded people from around the world. Reach a greater audience by removing the need to travel, and see incredible results at a reduced cost to in-person conferences!

Organised Meetings

for organizing and holding virtual meetings that require the concentration and involvement of all participants in the meeting


to organize the educational process, including training in potentially hazardous production processes

One Time Zone

to organize asynchronous work of team members living in different time zones

Virtual Teamwork

to organize informal meetings that help strengthen ties within the team

Amazing, immersive, inevitable, Full-Body Avatars

Stay yourself by creating a photorealistic FULL BODY avatar with just one image, and play basketball or chess with your friends during the coffee break

  • Upload their photo and create a recognizable avatar
  • Select a suitable avatar image
  • Choose a suitable virtual location

Beyondreal is a Virtual Reality in which any user can connect to your meeting through well-known video communication services,  watching you as if you are being filmed by an ordinary web camera, while using all your known corporate BI, CRM and communication tools.

Be there in a blink

Get ready for the next level

Draw in the air while exchanging ideas with other participants of the meeting, create large-scale smart maps using an unlimited number of stickers of different sizes and colors, upload any images, videos and 3D models you like and instantly demonstrate them on numerous stationary screens, the size and location of which can be changed to your liking.

High involvement of participants in the work process

BeyondReal allows you to interact with the participants of the meeting, track their views, body language and facial expressions and thereby involve them in your story.

A large set of tools for virtual presentation

In BeyondReal you can perform actions that are difficult to implement remotely: draw a sketch of a future product or transfer any 2D and 3D content to the virtual world and start interacting with it.

Unlimited possibilities of virtual meetings

In BeyondReal you can instantly change the background of the office space to a virtual bar and mentally communicate on topics that are distracted from work.

Choose different settings for your meetings with clients, your team or partners.

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