Create your spatial meeting

in 1 Minute

in WEB on your Broswer and/or
in VR on Meta, HTC and PICO Stores

Beyondreal transforms the modern workspace

BeyondReal revolutionizes the modern workspace by enabling teams to connect, collaborate, and innovate in immersive virtual environments, fostering engagement, creativity, and efficiency like never before

With BeyondReal, experience whiteboarding in 3D, utilize multiple screens, immerse yourself in stunning environments, and achieve unparalleled collaboration with your team
Thomas Hanson
Head of Product Development

Pre-build Rooms

Persistent, secure, and branded training environments that contain all documents, videos, and files for a course

More tools than in traditional environments

Creating and sharing multiple screens, Collaborative whiteboards, 3D pen, stickers, rulers, timers and more...

Flexible communication: join meeting session anywhere, anytime

You can join via Laptop with your Browser, send an invite to your partners, and join also via Headset

Unlock the new dimensions of spatial meetings.

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